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3 Reasons It’s OK if You’re NOT in the Christmas Spirit This Year…

 It’s that time of year.. when there’s absolutely NO TIME to get anything done.

At least that’s how this Holiday season has felt. Between flying to Austin, working full time, running my own Instagram store, and getting ready to fly to Phoenix for the actual week of Christmas, I’ve barely gotten anything done.

Today, in the midst of unpacking from Austin, in an attempt to pack for Phoenix, I practically bit Houston’s head off about wrapping all of the presents. How had I waited this long to wrap all the gifts? How had I not unpacked from Austin all week? How were we supposed to be at the airport in an HOUR?!
In that moment of panic I realized that it definitely did not feel like Christmas this year. No Christmas music was playing, hot chocolate wasn’t in my hand, and Houston and I weren’t flirting as we wrapped presents. Where was my Christmas spirit?

As I started to add the pressure of needing to feel Christmas-y to my mental list, I decided it was ok. It was ok if I didn’t feel Christmas-y. And as I sat there on top of my suitcase trying to get the zipper closed, I came up with three reasons why it was completely ok if I wasn’t in the Christmas Spirit:

1. Christmas day will do it. I’m not exactly sure why we feel like we have to be in the Christmas Spirit for a whole month? We all know that the day of Christmas when you wake up in your pajamas and stroll down the stairs to the present- crammed tree the Christmas spirit will hit. So, relax and realize at some point it will feel like Christmas.

2. Every year is different. This year I flew out of the state twice in the month of December, but every year isn’t always like that. Some years December has been super relaxing for me, and I’ve been able to watch every single Christmas movie on my list! This year was crazy and I had less time, but Christmas comes every year so it’s best to just enjoy the differeneces of each Christmas season.

3. It creates new memories. Surprisingly, I think the years where it’s felt not so Christmas-y has actually been the times I’ve created new holiday memories. I probably will never forget this year because of how unique it’s been with all of the travel. Even though I’m not completing all my usual traditions I’m enjoying new adventures, which is what life’s about.

In case you’re wondering, everything got done: presents wrapped, suitcases packed, and we made it to the airport in time.

And it’s starting to feel a LITTLE like Christmas.


  1. I love the honesty of this post. Haha! I’m so glad you guys made it to Arizona in one piece. You’ll feel Christmassy! I understand exactly what you mean – it’s 3 days until Christmas and I’m only starting to get into the spirit now! I hope you guys have such a merry Christmas. Love you!

    • KristeneFriend KristeneFriend

      Aww thanks friend!! You’re the sweetest! Love you and hope you have a Merry Christmas too. ❤️

  2. Tracey Bissell Tracey Bissell

    Good post kristen! Why do we feel like we have to be in the christmas spirit all month! Haha. Plus you are living in a new place so Christmas needs to grt a new feel for you. have a great time in Phoenix.

  3. Danie Danie

    Yes! This is exactly how I feel this Christmas season. We were supposed to watch a Christmas movie last night, but instead we watched a Jack Black murdur movie… And you know what? It was great.
    Thanks for putting it into perspective!

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