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A Mini Road Trip.

It’s winter. It’s cold. And almost every day consists of either working or shuffling about in the house in sweats. I’m writing this on a day where the high is 9 degrees, so I’m a little cynical.

As a result of this cooped-up living, Melody and I had decided that we needed a mini-road trip. Since, we both have an affinity for coffee, and a local roaster, Flight, was opening up their first actual coffee shop in Dover, New Hampshire we decided it was necessary to take the trip and visit them on opening day.



As stated before, Flight is a local New Hampshire roaster that has been awarded multiple times. They know their coffee inside and out. I’m talking they have relationships with the farmers they source their beans from. They talked me through the process of how the coffee cherries can either have their cherry flesh washed off or dried up and peeled off the bean to yield a completely different tasting roast. They are all about the Third Wave of coffee, which introduces coffee more as a craft and less of a mass produced commodity.

Not going to lie, their passion is contagious. As a past CoffeeMate lover, I have learned to let go of the artificial and embrace the authentic beauty of coffee. I’ve also had so much fun developing a pallette that can taste and detect different notes in Flight’s roasts.

It was obviously cold out, and the sun was starting to tip over the trees as Melody picked me up in her Subaru. We drove the hour and a half catching up on the week and complaining over how tired we felt. After circling the shop a few times, it finally caught our eyes and we reserved a parking spot. We entered the coffee shop and immediately fell in love with its clean lines and modern, yet true to New Hampshire decor.




First thing we did? You guessed it, ordered DIVINE lattes.



Each table in the shop, including the one pictured above, were handmade by two brothers that work for Flight. I’m obsessed with the tables’ sleek lines and couldn’t get over how great of a job they had done! Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


We sat for about an hour and a half and then packed up and headed home. We weren’t there long, but it was enough. Enough time to feel like we’d made it out of the house. Enough time to separate from the daily call and need. Enough time to take a road trip.



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