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Across the Country We Went

      Writing while on the road from Arizona to New Hampshire proved to be difficult. Let’s face it, impossible. So, Houston and I video logged our travels across the country. We posted these on Facebook throughout the trip to let our family and friends know how the trip was going and how we were emotionally fairing. I’ll now be posting them here for any of my followers who are hankering for the scoop on what happened!
      As you’ll see there were days where I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Days where I asked myself “What were we thinking?!” Moments in sketchy hotels where I encountered disgusting bed bugs. There was even a complete surprise on our last day of the trip that could have potentially ruined everything!
But as Houston and I think back on that trip, we  realize we wouldn’t have done it any other way. Sure it was a little stressful knowing your whole entire life was packed up into a random moving truck that was sketchily towing your husbands car behind it. It was even scarier when Houston was driving said moving truck and got lost in Oklahoma City! The point is, we made it, and after being settled for a few months, we couldn’t be happier.
So, if your itching to see a glimpse of what it’s REALLY like to move across the country, pull up a seat and watch through each day’s series of events.  Enjoy!

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