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Austin Wear and Travels

As many of you know, I ventured across the country this weekend to visit one of my best friends in Austin, Texas. It’s incredible to me that even though I haven’t seen, Danie in 6 months, nothing has changed. Our relationship is exactly the same, if not stronger.

Danie is a planner, and she was on a mission to make sure I experienced Austin, Texas to the fullest. It was such an incredible city with vibrant culture. Their motto of “Keep Austin Weird” was apparent everywhere. Don’t get me started on the food; it was AMAZING. Not going to lie, I think I gained 5 pounds after one of our Texas BBQ nights…. Still praying that away.

Danie and I are also habitual shoppers. One of our stops was at a Goodwill Outlet. These are my FAVORITE Goodwills because they sell everything by the pound. BY THE POUND. I’m talking a pound of clothes for 1.69. You can’t go wrong.

Of course I took home some treasures. I literally bought a mid-century modern floor lamp, (yes, it works) took it all apart, and crammed it into my suitcase. I’m committed people.

Another one of my purchases was this deep green, knitted scarf. I washed it while there and wore it every day after. I’m an outfit repeater and am not ashamed.

Enjoy the scarf that I literally got for pennies, styled:

Austin 1Austin3

Austin 2


Here’s a candid because I literally have no shame:


Austin, Tx

While I loved seeing Danie, and visiting Austin, Texas, I was ready to head back home to rural New Hampshire. The city is fun to visit, but I adore being back in nature with the quiet.

Featured outfit place of purchase: black tee- Savers, acid washed jeans- Levi’s, ankle boots- Thrift Store,

stone necklace-Acopio (Goffstown, NH SHOP LOCAL), bucket bag- Thrifted Vintage Coach.

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