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Reasons We Moved Cross-Country

Reasons We Moved Cross-Country

I’m sure people think we’re crazy… I mean, we just moved to New Hampshire from Phoenix a little less than two years ago! We were so set on getting out of the desert and living the small town life.

Life never plays out the way we plan, and this is a perfect example.

It all started with a harmless visit to Phoenix last November. A friend of ours was getting married. We left on a Wednesday and were set to fly back on Sunday. It was supposed to be a short, simple trip. We were not prepared for the emotions that overtook us and what would soon unfold.

During our visit, we were instantly surrounded by all these feelings of homesickness.

We struggled, “Wow… we miss this place. The city. Our church. Our community. And… the tacos!”

It was overwhelming. At one point, we looked at each other and said, “What if we moved back?”

Sure, the urge was strong, but there was no way we were going to act on it, right? Or so we thought. Not long after being back in New Hampshire, Houston reached out to a friend in Phoenix who happened to work for the same company and a role he was very interested in. The idea was just to pick his brain, but to our surprise his friend was asking for his resume to set him up for an interview.

After various interviews for the role, we were excited to hear that Houston was offered the position. From there, things seemed to really speed up. We moved out of our apartment in a month. Houston flew back to Phoenix to start the job April 1st. Kristen decided to stay with family in New Hampshire and finish out the school year with her First Graders.

The time apart was grueling. We would not do THAT again.

Thankfully, we’re reunited. Back together again in Phoenix.


  1. Robin Robin

    So glad to have you here!! It’s an unbelievable gift to us.


      Thank you! We love being here!

  2. Helen Helen

    So happy for the two of you and a new beginning in Phoenix. You were a great blessing to many here in NH. I’m so happy our paths crossed. Love ya girl! ?


      Love ya too, Helen! We can’t wait to visit and see you again. Tel the Grand-Poo-Ba to get ready! hahaha

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