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Before the Boxes…

     I’ve read countless blog postings on how to make your blog successful. I’ve pinned, read, repined, and so on and so forth. Each article has encouraged if not commanded that blogging be something that’s done on a schedule. Each posting should be a regular occurrence.. Not TOO frequent, and not TOO infrequent.

     I’ve thought about upping my game in order to really help my blog head somewhere, but honestly I don’t think I’m ready for all of that. I’m barely keeping my head above boxes with all of the packing that’s consuming my life.

Not only are Houston and I beginning to pack up the apartment for our upcoming move to New Hampshire, but the school that I currently teach at is moving to a new location as well. In the midst of trying to organize my residence into cardboard boxes I’m also trying to pack up my classroom for another teacher. I find myself holding a container of random puzzle pieces and an outdated reading comprehension book wondering if the teacher would even want me to pack these things or toss them. Fortunately I know her, so I’m not completely in the dark.

All of that to say, I can’t see myself scheduling my blog posts. I was only able to squeeze one in today because I stayed home from work with a bad head cold. I’m hoping my immune system will rejoice at the absence of the germ filled tiny hands that touch EVERYTHING I daily come in contact with. So, scheduling doesn’t seem to be something I can pull off just yet but I want to truly document and savor the moments that come with this adventure.

So far we’ve made great progress. Houston and I move out of our apartment and into our in-laws house on May 31st. All of our belongings will go into storage for a month, and then by the end of June we plan to rent a U-haul and launch for our trip across the country. We’ve traded Houston’s car in for one that will function better within the snow and has a bigger engine. These things are important since Houston drives so much for his work (more on that later.) We’ll be towing his car behind the U-haul and I’ll be driving my car separate. Thankfully my father-in-law will be making the trek with us to help with all the driving.

Currently Houston and I are still in the process of finding a place to live. We’ve looked at so many rentals and have just recently entertained the idea of potentially buying our own loft within the city of Manchester. Loft living is a bit of a dream I have. I never thought I’d have the courage to buy something this early into our marriage ( three years in June! YAY) but after looking at some of the possibilities it seems like such a fun endeavor.

With all of this packing and searching for a new home, I grew saddened by the thought of leaving our little apartment. It has been my most fun project in form of decor. Each piece I’ve either made or thrifted and I truly love how it turned out. So, before the boxes ruin every room, I’d thought take a few pictures to honor this little abode that Houston and I have loved so much.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a photographer and these were taken on my iPhone.. SO don’t judge me.

Living Room
Living Room


Living Room.. again


You guessed it! The Living Room






Kitchen details


Kitchen again


Dining Room


Dining Room



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