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Christmas Wear and all my Outfit Insecurities

How is it that I’m still having to tell myself “Just be yourself,” when getting dressed for the day? I’m twenty-five, shouldn’t I be past this?

It’s Christmas day, and I saunter on down the stairs in my plaid LL Bean pajamas. I’m comfy and cozy on this oddly chilly Christmas in Phoenix, Arizona. Houston’s already downstairs brewing the coffee because he’s the best husband in the world. It’s Christmas morning, and the tree glows as the presents continue to rest on their tops and sides underneath.

Cinnamon buns bake, mimosas are sipped, and we all settle in to our spots on the couch. A devotion is read, and we all feel the essence of family and Christmas. That’s what it’s all about right? Those quiet and collected moments of Christmas.

My mother-in-love (as we call it) plays Santa and passes out the gifts to us one by one. We shed the delicately done wrappings and reveal our treasures. From said perfect husband, I open a stunning Free People sweater that I had eyed while shopping one day. Sneakily, he had gone back and purchased it for me.

Later, the Christmas feast is prepped and devoured, and it is finally time to get dressed for Christmas with Houston’s grandparents. It’s in my mind to wear my new Free People sweater. I can hardly wait to try it on as I sprint up the stairs to the bathroom. It’s then that all the questions flood my mind. What jeans will it look good with? Are jeans dressy enough? Can I wear it with a dress? Will layering look weird? Is it too baggy? What’s the weather like?

We all know the process. It’s a process that yields multiple garments tried on, a body hot and frustrated from all of the pairing attempts, and a longing to curl back into pajamas and stay in all day. It’s then that I quiet my mind and ask myself one question, “What do I feel like wearing?” With that question in my mind and the phrase,”Just be yourself” floating around, I confidently select and put together my outfit. I don’t second guess, I only move forward.

As a result of this focus, I yield my Christmas Day Wear:

Free People Christmas Free People Christmas Free People Christmas Free People Christmas


Comment if you’ve been through the same process and the ways you’ve overcome! It’s so good for us all to share and dress confidently.


  1. Awww. Obviously your outfit turned out amazing! Love that sweater 🙂 As for the struggle, yeah – we’ve definitely all been there. I don’t know what it is about that need for us to look good and know we look good, or why there’s such pressure to make sure we look our best. I’m learning to be comfortable as myself, and not worry so much about my clothes – it’s too stressful! I love a good outfit just as much as the next girl, but I think eventually you reach a point of confidence where you know it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you have a smile and a kind word for the people you interact with. Cliche and stupid? Maybe. But I’m working toward that mindset as a goal. Love you friend!


      Love this! Wise words friend! Get your mind set and confidence will lead you on– Read that in a fortune cookie once 🙂

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