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Corkboard DIY

I’m not a natural DIY-er. I like to find people who DIY and then buy the stuff off of them. The problem is, sometimes I can’t find exactly what I want.

Take my office for instance. I’ve needed a cork board/vision board for my office for a couple months now. I’ve scanned Target and visited thrift stores, but I could never find EXACTLY what I want. The ones I found were either too cutesy or covered in some hideous fabric that probably was infested with bed bugs (deep inner fear). So, I decided I would DIY my own vision board.

This is definitely questionable to whether this is a TRUE DIY project, because it’s so easy and simple. For a beginner like me, it qualified.

Alright, here we go!

I started with finding the cheapest, crappiest cork board from Goodwill. Stole this baby for only three dollars, and it was the perfect size.


I then decided to spray paint it, using a can of gold I had laying around. Spray paint is a crafters BEST FRIEND.

spray paint DIY

Using the spray paint I began to apply a nice coat of gold to the entire cork board. Don’t be afraid! Spray paint works wonders over cork. Also, when applying, be sure to use sweeping strokes and keep the nozzle at least a foot away. This will help you achieve even and full coverage, like so:

IMG_4371 IMG_4376

After letting it dry in a well ventilated room (fumes people), bring it in somewhere warm to apply some details.

I decided to criss-cross some twine across the cork board, securing it using thumbtacks, so that way I’d have some texture and another way to hang my inspirations. I found these cut mini-clothespins to pin onto the twine. So fun!

IMG_4497 IMG_4498

After securing the twine, I decided I wanted another layer of fun to not only pop, but to add some more texture and playfulness. I scanned my apartment, and found some garland my Aunt had given me for Christmas! This worked perfectly! I even used the mini clothespins to secure it.



I loved the completed look and couldn’t wait to fill it with all of my loves. Such as a little Wreath and Wine graphic I’d created for Apotheca, a beautiful table spread I tore out of the Anthropology look book, an adorable dollar calendar from Target, and a hand drawn Christmas card from Melody. 

IMG_4509 IMG_4510

And VOILA it was complete and I loved it!


So, even if you’re not a DIY-er, you can still create something beautiful, and that’s what it’s all about.


  1. Molly Molly

    I really like spray painting it gold! It probably hides any imperfections fromit being a salvaged cork board and plus – shiny! =)


      It totally does! Such a fun life hack 😉

  2. Tracey Tracey

    Such a cute crafty corkboard!


      Aww thank you so much! 😀

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