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Date Night Ideas

Date Night

Houston and I were fortunate to have one of the best pre-marital counseling experiences during our engagement. We both agree that some of the advice we gathered during that time has really shaped our marriage and helped us to build such a strong foundation. One of the tid-bits of advice that we’ve taken seriously is to have a date night every week. We know, for some people that may be really difficult, but it’s something we have just always made a priority. Almost every Saturday we set aside special time for just the two of us.

Here’s a few of our favorite date activities and ideas:

Dinner: This is an easy one for us with all the amazing restaurant options here in Phoenix.



La Grande Orange :

This place is home to Houston’s favorite pizza!

Taco Guild

Phoenix Public Market


Of course, those are just a few of our favorites! There are a ton more we are obsessed with.

Grabbing Drinks: If we’re not feeling grabbing a whole dinner, we love just going for drinks.


Linger, Longer, Lounge


Brunch: Brunch is nice because you still get amazing food, but it’s usually cheaper!


Perk Eatery


40th Street Cafe



Ice Cream: This is such a guilty pleasure for us. We literally can’t help ourselves when it comes to this delicious treat.




Sweet Republic

Date Night

Other Options:

If Houston can get me to a movie, one of my favorite places to go is Filmbar.

On the weekends, when it’s cooler I love dragging Houston to all of the different Yardsales.

We love going to coffee shops and Bookstores, and I linked the two we’re looking forward to visiting soon!

We are always looking for new date ideas, so please comment below with your favorite date idea or activity!

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