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Everyone Knows Buying a House isn’t Easy….

The home-buying process is sort of like dating, it’s emotional, let me tell you. It’s simultaneously exciting and terrifying, knowing you’re about to find your home and also sign on the line to pay for it over 30 years. Everyone has their story of how it all comes together, and it’s never perfectly smooth. Our story is no exception.

Almost exactly a year ago, we made offers on several houses in New Hampshire (Sigh. Oh, how life changes.), which were swiftly rejected. At the time, we were devastated. Looking back, we are so grateful. Funny how that works…

Fast forward to May this year, and we are searching for a home in Phoenix, Kristen still living in New Hampshire while I’m getting the process going in Phoenix. During Kristen’s spring break visit, we looked for a house together hoping that we can find one to put an offer in on while she’s here. Not to mention, we want to get under contract ASAP so that we’re not living with our parents for months on end after being in limbo for so long. We searched for houses all week, not finding the right fit and then BOOM, while browsing one night, a house that we loved that was previously under contract came back on the market. Suddenly, we are in love. Our heart is set on this house, it’s perfect and we will die if we don’t get it. Remember, it’s like dating…

Long story short, we don’t get it. There were multiple offers, some major roof issues, and the people who ended up getting the house were willing to forego an inspection (Excuse me, what?!). Can you say, DEPTHS OF DESPAIR?! Can I get like two full lines of crying emojis, please?

Kristen flies back to New Hampshire, and we both are seriously questioning my ability to find a home without Kristen (Kristen looks at Houston: “The Kitchen. I NEED a beautiful kitchen”). I mean there’s FaceTime, but there’s just certain things you can’t determine without physically being there.

A week passes, and I go to see a few houses with our realtor on my lunch break. All of them are… bleh. So I’m sitting on my house hunting app while the realtor is locking up, and I see a house right down the street now available in our price range. They just dropped the price that day, and within a couple minutes we are walking the house, loving it, and setting up a time to come back later so I can FaceTime with Kristen. Kristen loves it, and we put in an offer the next morning and it’s accepted!

The closing ultimately goes really well, despite our loan officer moving to a different company, our appraisal having to get double-checked, and the closing date being pushed back twice. BUT here were are in a beautiful house that we really didn’t think existed in our price range. We are so thankful, and we love it!

We look forward to sharing with you how we are making it home.

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