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Living Room Makeover

It’s crazy! Even though we’re having a blast on vacation in Cali, we still find ourselves feeling a little homesick for our new home. Maybe it’s because it’s our first house, or maybe it’s because it’s finally starting to come together and feel like home. Either way, today we looked at each other and both agreed that we are missing our living room.

In honor of this unexpected homesickness, we decided to share a few decor pics of our current favorite room in the house. And let’s be honest, it’s probably our favorite room because it’s the only one completely decorated.

This is singlehandedly the most photographed corner in our home. Probably because I’m so obsessed with our fiddle leaf and snake plant. I’ve had this pouf forever and can’t get over how much I love using this mustard yellow as an accent in our home.

Confession: We got this coffee table a few years ago on clearance for $11.98 from Target. Something must be wrong with it, but we haven’t figured it out yet..

If you’ve seen some of our other homes, you know I tend to decorate using a ton of knick knacks. For our new place, I decided less is more. These mid century modern candlesticks were a snag I found at a thrift store, and the color on them is divine. I actually like them better without candlesticks in them.

When we loaded up our pod to move from New Hampshire to Arizona, I just about cried when Houston told me we weren’t going to be able to fit our couch. We had spent a decent amount on it, and I was worried about finding one in Arizona we liked just as much. Luckily, I found this leather gem on Craigslist! It was way less expensive than our last couch and came from a pet free, kid free, smoke free home! P.S. Our pillows are from Target. I know white is a little risky, but hey, you only live once!

Last but of course not least, we got these two chests from an estate! We are in love with their mid-century mod vibe. We had planned on putting one in our bedroom and one in the guest room, but the second we got them in the house, I had the idea to stick them together for our entertainment center. In a perfect world, our TV would be mounted, but give it time…

Links to some of our favorite pieces can be found here:

Coffee Table


Similar Pouf



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