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My Carry-On…

Wanderlust? More like wanderHATE. 

I am not a good flyer. I’m not a good flyer with my husband, and I’m not a good flyer alone. I always panic and think I’m going to miss my flight, or I’m convinced I’m at the wrong gate no matter how many times I’ve checked my flight number. If I finally do relax about the gate number or my boarding pass, it’s my luggage I start freaking out about. Heaven forbid I have a connecting flight, because then I’m worried it won’t be transferred to the other plane in time! And seriously, how do they do it so fast?? 

Either way, once I’m on the actual plane, my carry-on saves me! Here are my “must haves” when it comes to my carry-on! 

1. Magazines: one of my favorite things about flying is that I let myself buy whatever magazine I like! I go to the little newsstand and pick out a brand new issue of whatever I’m in the mood for! It’s such a treat and keeps me well entertained on the plane! 

2. Books: Because let’s face it, once you’re done with the magazine your going to need to turn to something else. It’s nice to get the chance to catch up on my reading anyway!

3. Food: I’m a stress-eater. Don’t judge me. So I pack trail mix and granola bars to calm my nerves BEFORE I get the tiny pack of peanuts. 

4. Headphones: Somtimes I don’t even listen to music, but I plug my ears with headphones so I don’t have to talk to people! Works like a charm. I’m sure I’m missing out on some great chance to have a conversation with a cool stranger, but I’ll survive.

5. Last, but definitely not least, your phone: I love how airlines have wifi now! It’s such a beautiful thing. This means I can use my phone as much as I want, and stay completely updated on everything. I can even blog.

So there it is friends, my survival carry-on. It’s worked like a charm so far as I’m currently headed to Austin, TX to visit one of my best friends! 

The stewardess is asking my drink order, time to remove my decoy headphones. (;

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