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I don’t know about you guys, but I had a great weekend! Mainly because it involved me purchasing another house plant. In total I have 12 house plants altogether, and at this point they’ve basically become my friends. Unfortunately, while I may have unconditional love for all things green in our apartment, Houston does not. I may or may not have had to mislead him on why I was leaving the house randomly on a Saturday afternoon. It’s not my fault I live within walking distance from one of the best flower/plant shops in all of New Hampshire. *cough* Apotheca. Seriously, I am a victim.

Needless to say, I didn’t just buy a plant this weekend. I also spent most of Saturday refreshing my camera skills and reviewing some basic photo editing techniques. Houston even joined in on some of the review my friend Melody was walking us through. I’m hoping he’ll lend his hand a little more in our blog as time goes on.

Since I spent most of my time taking and editing photos of my plants, I figured I’d tell you a little bit about them. First and foremost, my obsession began last March with my Fiddle Leaf. I had always known I could keep a succulent alive but I was truly challenged by the idea of having to keep a full on tree alive. I read A LOT on how to care for them, and so far so good! The little guy next to him in this picture I got for $12.00 at Home Depot. It was practically free! (Houston’s rolling his eyes)

After I figured out that I could keep a full-on tree alive, I started to venture out with other miscellaneous plants, and even made my own macrame plant hanger for this little guy! Who I got at Aldi’s for $1.50. Seriously, they’re all pretty much free.

And since it’s been so cold lately, all I wanted to do this Saturday was buy another plant, and pretend it was summer. I’ve been eyeing this plant online for a while now (wow, I sound like a stalker), and once Apotheca had it in the shop I knew I needed it. I discovered it’s called a snake plant and virtually needs little care. In other words, it’s PERFECT.

Unfortunately, I think this may be the last house plant I will be buying for now. Once I walked back in the door from my mysterious errand with another houseplant, I knew my obsession was going to have to hit the breaks. Mainly because Houston looked at me and said, “I seriously don’t know if I can handle this.”

So, for the sake of our marriage, my plant obsession is on pause………… Maybe.

-The Friends


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  1. Standing ovation on the macrame plant hangar!

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