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Ah, San Diego.

As summer comes to a close and Kristen embarks on a new school year, we think longinly to just a month ago when we were in San Diego. Take us back! We thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favorite spots and relive vacation a little bit.

Taco Surf

Always a must when we’re in San Diego, usually the first place we stop in while we’re there to get that Taco/Beach/Cali vibe going. Shredded beef tacos and the potato rolled tacos are highly recommended.


We’ve been eyeing this place for a while and finally gave it a shot this year when we were desperate for some coffee one morning after running out at the condo we were staying in. Great coffee and breakfast here, and their burgers look awesome. Best part is you can eat inches from the sand, watching those waves roll in.

Pacific Bean ^^^

For us, Pacific Bean is the essential San Diego spot. It’s tradition to grab a blended peanut butter mocha and catch up on some quality time.

Belmont Park

Nostalgia galore here, an old creaky wooden roller coaster and arcade games buzzing. We’ve got to visit at least once while we’re there.

The Boardwalk

Whether it’s just walking and soaking in the sun and ocean breeze or we’re getting some exercise with a run (and some impromptu yoga-yes, we found a random yoga session and joined in this year), the boardwalk along Mission and Pacific Beach is just the best.

Mission Bay

The Bay is no disappointment either. Even better than the boardwalk for riding bikes and paddle boarding. Also, it’s a great spot to be as the sun sets with a bon fire, eating s’mores, and waiting for a great view of those nightly Sea World fireworks.

The Cottage

Yeah, so this brunch spot in La Jolla feels like it should be one of the meeting places on Laguna Beach or The Hills. Nothing wrong with a little fancy and great food, Kristen always rocks the Eggs Bene and a mimosa. She’s got the right idea.



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