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Summer, I miss you.

I’m cuddled up in a thick, vintage sweater. Fur lined slippers keep my feet warm, and I can’t help but think about summer.

Ahhh.. that glorious time of year when the sun dances off of the fresh leaves and the sun beats down on your bare shoulders.

I can hear the playful waves as they slap the side of my kayak. What I would give for that freedom!

As I daydream back to those glorious days, I can’t help but recall Houston and I’s trip to California last summer. What an incredibly freeing week. The beach is such a healing place, and for most of the trip, I sat in the sand, read a book, and absorbed the sound of each wave.

With such a liberating atmosphere I felt so confident in each outfit I adorned.

Here is one of my favorite ensembles from the trip:


Oh ya, and here’s a cute one of Houston and me just for kicks:

Featured outfit place of purchase: white tee- Urban Outfitters, acid washed jeans- Thrift Store, sandals- American Eagle,

native american necklace-Estate Sale, handbag- Charles Jourdan

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  1. Love it! And the blurbs of where you got your clothes from.

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