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The Deer Head

       It has been painfully hard to make myself pack this week. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that this is our last week in our little AZ apartment. Come Sunday, we move in with my in-laws for a month. On June 25th, we ship off to New Hampshire where we’ve secured an apartment starting the first of July. It’s all I can do to make myself pack up my life into the mounds of boxes. As I folded each thrifted dress or random anthro shirt I found myself mourning the fact that I wouldn’t be seeing certain articles of clothing until JULY! How am I supposed to survive!

     Regardless of this struggle, I have left one thing hanging on my wall: my deer head. It’s literally unpackable…. Not sure if that’s a word, but it is now due to my deer head. I can’t imagine my home without it and there is no way I would leave it behind. Danie and I pieced this beauty together when Houston and I first moved into our  little apartment. I wrote a DIY blog post on how to construct one of your own, and feel it would be fun to repost here. If your tempted by the magnificence of this art piece feel free to embark on your own DIY adventure. Here are some patchy directions to make this guy:


One large sheet of your choice
One roll of duct tape
Tons of cardboard
A pen
A bucket ton of wood glue (mixed with water)
1. First thing you do is cut out tons of cardboard and duct tape it into the shape of a deer. (Danie says this is very difficult. What do I know, I just cut the strips of tape…)
(Me holding the cardboard silhouette we’d taped together)
2. Then you cover the frame in strips of duct tape. After the frame is covered, you wet strips of the sheet in glue and begin laying it atop the frame. Totally don’t have a picture of this due, to super gluey hands. I’ll be better about it next time.
3. Find antlers… Usually Danie makes these out of cardboard, but since I have little to no patience, and could not take cutting one more strip of duct tape, we decided upon stick hunting.
(Danie being brave enough to face the scorpions that could have been around)
(I held the sticks)
4. After selecting your antlers, and successfully dodging rattle snakes and scorpions, duct tape them in place and then cover the rest of the head in strips of fabric. P.S. it looks like I’m balding in this pic, but I blame the lighting.
5. Allow time to dry. Don’t rush hanging it, or you’ll end up with glue on your couch (Not that I would know…) Then have friends over to compliment your super indie deer head.



There it is, and trust me, I’ve received tons of compliments.

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