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The Hilarious Truth’s Behind My Instagram’s ‘Best Nine of 2015’

Best Nine 2015

Oh, how I love Instagram. My personal Instagram is not beautiful. It is the crappy photos I take and edit on the spot. If I’m being completely honest, that is exactly why I love it. It’s real and instant. Something new floating around Instagram this year is ‘Instagram’s Best Nine.’ In a nutshell, there’s a website that you enter your Instagram user info into, and it will give you your most “liked” or “hearted” posts. Here’s the website in case you are now curious about which photos are your Best Nine: Best Nine 2015

In honor of it being New Year’s Eve, I’m sharing the hilarious truths behind each one of my ‘Best Nine.’ From left to right, top to bottom:

{1} I literally hate this picture of myself. If you notice I’m not wearing any makeup due to having pink eye in both eyes. Don’t ask. I’m also unsure of my outfit choice, but I really wanted a picture of Houston and I outside of Lux. Lux is my absolute favorite coffee shop in Phoenix, and I was so excited to be able to visit over the Christmas holiday. So, I made my mother-in-law run across the street and snap this photo real quick.

{2} Oh, the moving truck. This was the day we left Arizona in order to move to New Hampshire, and I was so exhausted. I’d spent the whole day before sobbing and was so anxious for our six day journey. To watch our video blog we kept as we went, click here.

{3} This is me in Austin, Texas, about to eat breakfast. My hair looks so good in this picture, and it’s not even accurate! I hadn’t brushed my hair in three days. I’m not even kidding – it was legit starting to dread in the back, so I did a quick side braid. I was kicking myself for not taking more photos while visiting Texas, so I made my friend Danie snap this. She took a series of pictures, and I ended up creating a blog post entitled, “Austin Wear and Travels.”

{4} Yay for my blog launch post! I used this image to kick off my blog launch but had actually taken the photo a week before. Houston and I found ourselves at Barnes and Nobles, but while Houston browsed, I texted my friend Melody to come meet us. She stopped by and we gabbed about blogging until Houston found us out. That’s the night my blog became an actual reality.

{5} OK, I randomly took this picture at my friend Meggie’s wedding. Truth: I was wicked sick at this wedding and had a massive coughing fit in the middle of the ceremony. I had to leave and walk out to the parking lot to finish coughing up a lung. It was so embarrassing. I then had a stomach issue during the reception. Insanely beautiful wedding, but unfortunately I was so sick.

{6} CHRISTMAS MORNING. Enough said. Except, I need to say that I’m obsessed with the pajamas I’m wearing. I got them as a gift on Christmas Eve, and when I opened them someone blurted out that they weren’t sexy. I couldn’t believe it! I instantly responded with, “These are probably the sexiest pajamas I’ve ever seen.” I stand by that.

{7} Another holiday: Thanksgiving. This was such a special Thanksgiving because Houston and I had two Thanksgivings. We had our first feast with my Apotheca work family. The second was with my family at my sister-in-laws. It was the first Thanksgiving I’d had with my family in four years. It’s crazy what happens when you’re an adult.

{8} I have almost deleted this photo so many times because the lighting is absolutely horrible. My outfit is also not my favorite, but it is what it is. This photo was taken in Boston with my family during our grand day trip. It was such a fun day, and almost the whole family was together. We ended the day with my first ever Red Sox game, and it was by far my most favorite sporting event to date.

{9} I felt like I accomplished a small dream by dressing up as Ana for Halloween. I was late in watching Frozen, but once I did, I watched it every Friday night for a month. Before getting ready for school in the morning, (remember I used to be a First Grade teacher) I would listen to the whole soundtrack. I know ALL the words to each song. ALL. “Who knew we had a 1,000 salad plates?” My work decided our Halloween costume theme would be Frozen, and I pretty much screamed at the opportunity to dress up as Ana.

It’s been fun to look back throughout the year, and I’m thankful to Instagram for causing me to reflect on some of my most favorite times. Happy New Years everyone!


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