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The Road Less Traveled. (Life Update)


(Such a good depiction of “The road less traveled”)

     Houston and I went for a hike the other day. Believing we could make it up Uncanoonuc even though the trail was a sheet of ice. It was nice to be outside. Winter coops you up and encourages sweat pants. It’s nice to brave the elements and invite the cold air into your lungs.

While we hiked, we caught up on all that the week had entailed. This last week felt like a year. Houston is in the third week of his new job, and is working hard to establish himself. I had a forty hour week as well as two events that I helped to coordinate at Apotheca. I also had scheduled to take a test  that I need to pass in order to finish transferring my teaching certificate from Arizona to New Hampshire. Let’s pray I pass.

A couple weeks ago I had applied to sub in our local school district in order to help Houston and I financially as we wade through this period of his job where income is less than half of what he used to be making. On Wednesday, while I took the lengthy education test that I definitely had not studied for, one of our local elementary schools called me for an interview for one of their long-term sub positions.

I couldn’t believe my reaction to the voicemail. I squealed. Out loud. In my car. I didn’t realize how much I had missed teaching until the opportunity was now in front of me. I literally shook as I called back and scheduled my interview.

Of course, the interview was this week as well. My brain was reeling from all of the emotions tied to it. I believe it went well, and am hoping to hear back this week. I let my current boss know about the possible position and she was so supportive and encouraging. My heart was so full from such a blessed encounter with her. While my heart aches at the idea of possibly spending some time away from Apotheca, I know that they are my family and that I’ll always be a part of that.



(I want so badly to live in this little house between the trees)

As the snow crunched under H and I’s boots, I couldn’t help but realize how much has changed in the last year. Living, lifestyle, jobs, friends, family. Each time I can’t imagine another thing changing, a door is ripped wide open. I want to say that it’s been such a breeze and blessing, but in all reality it’s been hard. Really hard.

The pain of everything shifting, the constant feeling of living in the uncomfortable, the uncertainty of everything financially, is brutal at times. There is a pain as our skin stretches and we endure yet another growth spurt.

There is, of course, beauty in taking the road less traveled, but I’d be lying if I said that Houston and I didn’t slip or even fall as we hiked. Such is life.

So keep us in your prayers to all of you who pray, and thank you for being such a great part of this journey we are experiencing. God has truly blessed us with all of the people He has brought into our lives.


(How adorable is my husband with his little pipe?)

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