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Trimming the Tree


Now I know that no one’s tree is going to look just like mine, but for those who are curious about the creative process that goes into my tree each year, here’s a little “how to.”

I start with a fake tree. I KNOW! It’s literally the worst thing ever, but it’s pre-lit and so convenient! 
IMG_3361I wrap the bad boy in a 3 inch thick roll of burlap like so: ^ 

I then wrap it again with a funky colored ribbon that I just treasure! It is Christmassy and still has all my favorite decor colors featured. Here’s what it looks like with both the ribbon and burlap:


I then get to work on giving it a light coat of Christmas balls. I have these brown and gold glitter ones that I hang close to the inside of the tree so that they reflect a lot of light, and these aqua ones that play off of the colors in the ribbon.



I then go in for the final swoop. The big finale: hanging as many vintage ornaments as I can on my tree. Each year I add a little something different, but here are a few of my favorite pieces:


I put my husband to work at this point because, let’s face it, towards the end, my creative spirit is waning.

IMG_3429 Every one needs a unique tree topper. This UGLY doll, is for some reason my absolute favorite tree topper. I tied a ribbon around her to tie her into the feel of the tree. There is a lot more behind the reason as to why I even own this doll, but I’ll save that for a later date.

IMG_3424  And there you have it friends! My little funky, fake Christmas tree. Be confident this season when trimming your tree, and feel free to make it completely yours! IMG_3485


  1. This is so cute! Great job! I love how you explained your process – especially the Christmas balls and where you hang them to catch the light. Also the vintage ornaments are adorable! Post more! (hint: photos of you and your husband in a bookstore or something 😉


      haha Thank you!
      No worries, they are coming soon 🙂

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