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In 30 degree weather I decided it was a good idea to be outside. Maybe it was the naive Arizonian side of me that thought it would be totally fine, or maybe it was just the need to be outdoors that did it.

Over the holidays I was traveling a lot, and sine then I’ve been back in the grind at work. If I’m not working I’m usually blogging, or working on photos for my instagram shop @Kristenfindsvintage. Time passes so quickly, and there never seems to be a moment to pause and stop.

Melody and I had planned a hang out day last Friday, because we both miraculously had the day off. We both work in the same small town; she’s a librarian while I’m a barista in the local floral and coffee shop. We sound so cute it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I woke up with a need to go outside and do something different, so we headed to Clough State Park. It’s about a twenty minute drive, and in that twenty minutes it’s incredible how much the scenery can change. The drive leads you through thick woods all the way into a clearing where there’s a dam that you can walk across.

In the early 1900’s a settlement had been established near the dam. Due to severe rains and a hurricane that blew in off the coast, the settlement had been destroyed by the raging water that had made its way over and around the dam. If you walk across the dam and hike down around the lake, it’s believed that you can find remnants from the settlement. Click here for more history.

Melody and I never made it all the way across the dam due to frigid temps that left our hands numb, but we did manage to take a few pictures and pause. Even though we weren’t there long it felt so cleansing.

My worries shrunk at the beauty of the grey sky and my lungs felt flushed and revived from sharp air. While we’re surrounded by people, technology, and the need to constantly be doing something, we must remember that it is good to get outside and to reflect on all that is out there. Nature has a way of doing that. It has the power to ground us if we allow it.

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