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While it’s tempting to want to always unplug through watching TV, we’ve been trying to create times of rest and stillness through reading. We’ve started to create a habit of turning the TV off a little earlier, crawl into bed, and open up our books.

It’s been so relaxing, and we’re both thoroughly enjoying our latest reads. Here’s a look into some of our favorites:


Her Reads:

Extravagant Grace

By: Barbara R. Duguid

I have never read a book so impacting on my faith. Scratch that, I have never completely finished a Bible study book that wasn’t for small group. As Edward T. Welch said, “If you desire to follow Jesus but still feel like such a sinner, this is the perfect book for you.” Yes, I feel like the worst sinner all the time, and yes, this really was the perfect book for me. Barbara R. Duguid does an amazing job of unpacking John Newton’s theology about our sin and failures. She walked me through this idea that my failures and weaknesses are actually a tool that can bring me even closer to God than ever before. It takes the pressure off of my performance and restores my faith in God’s ultimate sovereignty.


Nothing to Prove

By: Jennie Allen

After I had devoured Extravagant Grace, I was itching to read another powerfully impacting book. Jennie Allen’s book, Nothing to Prove, did not disappoint. She asked all of the difficult questions. She pushed me to ask myself what was holding me back from completely submitting to God and going after what He has planned for my life. Without even specifically addressing anxiety, I felt my heart’s fear release. There are journaling sections in this book that were so powerful and helpful for times of reflection.


Present Over Perfect

By: Shauna Nequist

While I haven’t finished this book yet, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her creative collection of essays. I wouldn’t say I’m reading this book for the spiritual aspect, because I feel I have very different views then her. However, her essays have really helped me review my life and ask the question, “Who am I living for?” She does such a great job of expressing how easy it can be to live for the undefined “they” rather than for God, your family, and yourself. It’s been a fun, creative read so far.


His Reads:


The Thing Itself 

By: Adam Roberts

I’m really enjoying this book halfway through. Adam Roberts creates a unique genre, fusing Sci-Fi with philosophy. He establishes thrilling, frightening story-line, including a chilling experience with something other-wordly in Antartica, as a backdrop to explore Immanuel Kant’s philosophy of reality, perception, and human nature. I’ve never read anything like this, and so far, it’s one of the most engaging novels I’ve read in a long time.


Extravagant Grace

By: Barbara Duguid

Probably the realest book on Christian living I’ve ever picked up. Both Kristen and I were thoroughly influenced by this book. In a very transitional season in our lives, this book has been encouraging to our souls in a way that’s hard to explain. Duguid’s honesty is contagious, and she treats Scripture, as well as John Newton’s theology, with the utmost integrity as it relates to God’s sovereignty and our sin. Our discussion around this book so naturally caused us to grow closer to God and each other as we were compelled to follow Duguid’s lead and peel back the layers around faulty views of God, sin, and self.

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